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Website build including template design, copywriting, testing and ongoing optimisation

MY ROLE: Build a high performing website in line with rebrand.

In my role as Digital Marketing Manager for a debt recovery and legal services firm, I worked alongside a third-party agency to deliver a website as part of a rebrand project, which I managed from the client side. With a short delivery timeframe the agency was briefed to produce component parts of a website, as opposed to a complete functioning website. This allowed for me to create wireframes which eventually formed the final templates for homepages, service pages, landing pages and debtor portal. Using Umbraco, once the components were built, I produced the complete website, including imagery sourced from bespoke photoshoots for the business. Working as an art director for a photographer, I was able to acquire unique and specific photographs for the pre-determined pages, in line with the new branding.

Project stage I

Transform new branding into digital format

Once the branding had been signed off, I was able to begin with the wireframe and template design of the pages. This was crucial to be finalised before delivery of the final website components, in order to meet the final project deadline. In addition to wireframes and page template designs, I worked on writing all copy for pages. This involved keyword research and competitor analysis for SEO purposes, in addition to stakeholder management internally to ensure all copy was factually and legally correct, given the nature of the business.

Project stage II

Ongoing optimisation of the website

Having delivered the website to the required timeline, crucial to concurrent project launches and PR announcements, I looked at ways in which the website could be optimised and marketed to its maximum potential. Using on-page, off-page and technical SEO methods, the website achieved successful ranking positions for many key search terms which has been pivotal to the acquisition of new business. In addition to organic SEO, I also managed several successful PPC campaigns which achieved CTRs of over 6%.

Phase 2: Post-Live Optimisation

Ongoing Optimisation I

SEO achievements

Using a multitude of on-page and technical SEO techniques, including competitor analysis, keyword research, gap analysis and FAQ schema markup, the site began to rank well for several competitor search terms. Ensuring content was regularly updated, in addition to frequent article posts allowed the site to continue to produce keyword-rich, relevant content intended to aid potential clients and inform them of complex legal procedures.

Ongoing Optimisation II

PPC lead generation campaigns

The website played a key part in the aquisition of new business for Equivo and in order to capitalise on the channel, I created and managed PPC campaign to accumulate further leads. Having researched into keyword phrases which formed the ads at a campaign level, I was then able to estimate the budget required to implement. Once live, I monitored the ads on a daily basis to omit negative keywords, modify spend and ensure maximum performance (including CPC, CPA and CTR, which achieved as much as 6%).

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